Outlet shopping and repair

You have been to guitar shops before, you have seen their selection and their prices, which are almost difficult to believe. You have also seen the people that run the shop, they seem inexperienced and uninterested in what you are trying to pursue with your musical instrument. We have seen it too and we want to do things differently.

We are a collective of musicians and sales experts that have not only played guitar for our whole lives, but also understand that there is more to music than just the equipment. In terms of comparing ourselves to other guitar outlets, we really can’t because we are so different.

We value the customer

We already made our money in other job outlets, so we do not care about profits. We are here to serve our community and to give them the best possible deals on guitars and guitar related accessories. We want you to come back not because you have nowhere else to go to get the best deal on guitars and other instruments, but because we care about you and your musical endeavors. Come here for the lowest prices and best online community, you will be glad you picked us.

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